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Gathering of the Minds book cover

Back cover of book -  Gathering of the Minds

Anthology of Poetry and Prose

by Gwendolyn Baines
Nevada Publishing Company, 122 pages
ISBN 978-0-9614505-7-1


Leo Edwin Adams
Barry C. Harrington
Dominique Kimber-Stitt
Tanya Maria Lee
Antwanett Marshall
Anna Scott McMullen
Robert E. Tadlock
Olivia Timberlake
Loree Jackson Washington

Reading from Preface:

Why I Wrote This Book ......

This book is written with the intent to give an uplift to those who are going through some type of sadness either caused by sickness or death. It is also written to give a continuous uplift to people who are not suffering - but who know and understand the meaning of being problem free (which is only for a moment) and to appreciate the joy life has awarded them.

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Sassy, Secure and Over Sixty

by Gwendolyn Baines
Nevada Publishing Company, Nashville, TN - 112 pages
ISBN 0-9614505-3-3

This book is written for women over sixty. The author advises women of this age bracket to "get a grip on life." She reminds the reader to make herself happy; travel, shop, entertain, etc. Too many women are faced with rearing another family or still trying to get their over 40 and 50+ year old children out of the house. This book explains how many children don't work and forever take their mother's love for granted. The author advocates women of this age not to allow their life to be always giving to others and neglecting self.

This book tells women to spend their money on themselves and without guilt, since they have sacrificed all of their lives.

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